Managed Antivirus

Managed antivirus is a service that ensures your antivirus software is up-to-date, runs scans as scheduled, and infections are detected, analyzed, and handled immediately. It is a critical step in securing servers, systems, networks, and wireless access devices.

Without a managed antivirus service, an organization could have significant downtime if a virus gets into its system. Infections can be severe and require a complete re-install of the operating system, programs, and data restoration. It could take several hours per machine and more for servers to finish a re-install. Costs could be several thousands of dollars for the removal of viruses. Restoration of any compromised data will increase the cost. Haven’t been backing up? That will add to the costs as well. Please read about the importance of regular backups in our previous blog on backups.

A managed antivirus solution should be part of any PCI and HIPAA compliance strategy. Companies would find it challenging to meet guidelines in PCI and HIPAA without an up-to-date antivirus.

Managed antivirus is a more cost-effective approach than an unmanaged service. With unmanaged antivirus, a staff member must check each computer daily to make sure the antivirus program is actively scanning and up-to-date. Update gaps happen when updates are not applied, or scans run. Antivirus status needs to be reviewed constantly. Even one missed day can leave your systems vulnerable and open to malware and virus threats that could disable your now outdated antivirus program.

With managed antivirus programs, if an update is not applied or the antivirus is disabled, an alert is sent immediately to ensure the issue is fixed quickly.

Managed antivirus service (along with a Patch Management Solution) will protect your computer systems, providing peace of mind.

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