Clean Out Your Computer Day!

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Schedule a cleaning

Did you know that computers should be cleaned at least once a year? You may have more dust than you think. All that dust traps heat and keeps components running hotter than they should, leading to premature computer failure. Due to the delicate nature of computer parts, we don’t recommend you do an internal cleaning yourself.

Hopedale Technologies’ PC Clean involves opening up your desktop or laptop and removing the internal dust. Fans can’t do their job when caked with dust (they do get caked). Graphics cards also have a cooling fan and fins that need to stay clean to allow optimal airflow.

Once that’s done, it’s time to go through and clean out unnecessary files from your computer. A clogged-up hard drive can be just as bad as a clogged-up fan on your computer, though it won’t as often destroy your computer.

Tackle the inbox

Whether you shop online or in stores, you often provide your email address when you buy, which multiplies the number of mailing lists you’re on. This can lead to email overload. The additional emails in your inbox distract you from the emails that matter. Click on one and unsubscribe instead of deleting every new unread sales message. If you’re a Gmail user, start your effort to cut down on unwanted mail in your Promotions tab. Google’s algorithm sends sales pitches there, so first cut messages from this section.

Clear bookmarks

The internet is built for browsing. We’ll bookmark sites we often visit or put a page we want to return to on a reading list to make things easier. Over time, we mark many websites that we no longer need. Get rid of any unnecessary bookmarks to make navigating the web easier.

In Google Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper-right of your browser window (to the left of your profile icon). The drop-down menu will have a Bookmarks option. Click on this to see another drop-down menu with Bookmark Manager on it. Every one of your bookmarks will have three dots beside it on the next screen. Click on this to select the delete option and eliminate the ones you don’t need any longer.

Safari users can click on Bookmarks on the top menu or the sidebar icon on the toolbar (to the right of the arrows on the left). Then edit your bookmarks by clicking on sites you no longer want and hitting your delete button.

Sort through downloads

Do you ever clean up your downloads folder? We also download a lot of stuff! Sometimes, we get multiple copies of the same file because we’re impatient or don’t realize we’ve already hit download! A large download folder takes up storage space on your computer and can slow it down. In Windows, you can go to File Explorer and view the Downloads folder. Right-click on the files you don’t want and choose delete.

Empty trash/recycling bins

Items you put in the trash or recycling bins at home take up space until you take those bins to the curb or the dump. The same is true of your computer trash or recycling. Empty these bins by selecting “empty recycle bin” after clicking on the bin icon on your desktop.

Clean your desktop

A cluttered desktop makes things disorganized and hard to find, but it can also slow computers down. The purpose of the desktop is to make it easy for you to navigate your computer. It is not intended for file storage. Move those files to where they belong, preferably to a directory that gets backed up.

Remove unused programs/apps

If you’re not using a program or app, don’t give it computer space. With Windows, you’ll open the Start menu, click on Settings, then System, then Apps and Features from the left pane to select what you want to uninstall. Click the Uninstall button, and declutter your computer to free up space and make it more efficient.