Uh-Oh, Computer Warranty Expired. Now What?

Uh-Oh, Computer Warranty Expired. Now What?

Most technology you buy comes with a warranty of some sort. It might be included or an add-on. Still, it is unlikely to last the lifetime of the device or software, and it seems inevitable that your computer will die immediately after the warranty runs out. Don’t worry; you still have options even if your computer warranty expired.

Murphy’s Law of warranty says that you will have no problems with your computer or printer while it’s covered. Then, as if waiting for the most inconvenient time to go bust, the technology fails just after your warranty ends.

After the frustration of looking up that warranty plan to see the expiration date has passed, if you bought your computer at a retail store, your first response might be to take that device there. You’ve noticed they have a service desk, and that’s where you made the purchase. But the technicians on-site are likely to send your laptop to the manufacturer for repair. That could be far away, which negates the convenience of taking it down to your local store. You could wait weeks for your item to get to the repair center. Then, it stills needs attention and returning to your store.

Also, know that many manufacturers charge a premium for outside-of-warranty repairs. Now that you’re one or two years into a relationship with the products, they hope you’ll decide upgrading is easier. They actually have a planned lifecycle for computer hardware and plan the warranty’s end accordingly.

Of course, if you are within days of your warranty’s end, ask if the manufacturer will continue to cover the technology. Sometimes it actually will. The manufacturer may also use this opportunity to sell you an extended warranty. 

Some help with manufacturer warranty

 Our first piece of advice? Be proactive about technology issues. Don’t put off getting something looked at. You may discover you could have saved money by having it checked out under warranty.

Check your eligibility by visiting the manufacturer’s website and typing in the product serial number to check the warranty. Quickly find the page by searching the manufacturer’s name and “check warranty status.”

It’s a good idea to keep track of when your warranty is set to expire. That way, you’ll be more likely to request service promptly. Don’t believe us? Have you ever planned to take an item back to the store only to leave it until the return window has closed?

Hopedale Technologies specializes in repairing out-of-warranty devices. We can run diagnostic tests to determine the problem. Then, we’ll help you decide whether it’s worth the cost of repairs. 

Plus, you get our personalized service. There’s also the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your computer is at all times. You’re not worrying about it shipping around the country to a manufacturer’s repair shop. The repair turnaround is quicker too!

We can help keep your computers and other technological devices up and running. Contact us today at 508-478-6010.