Stop making it easier for criminals!

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We know we frequently talk about passwords here at Hopedale Technologies. It’s because they are an essential step in securing your online accounts. Many of us use the same logins for multiple websites and applications because we don’t have a photographic memory. Just reusing your password once can expose you to the hacking of a third party entirely out of your control.

Regularly, there are stories about major companies being hacked, their customer data stolen, and their customers left stranded in the news today.  Hackers commonly use data stolen from one site to access others where login credentials have been reused between accounts.  In some cases, access to bank accounts has been gained simply by using a compromised email account.

Businesses and individuals can face significant losses simply because a third party outside their control has been hacked or compromised.

Password Management

Good security practice uses a unique and strong password for every login you use.  A strong password should include, where possible, capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and character symbols. It is clearly impossible to manually remember a strong password for each one of the dozens of logins needed today.  Few would even attempt to.  A password manager makes storing, retrieving, and using unique passwords easy.

When using a password manager, an individual must remember only one strong password to access a database, which contains a different login password for each service.  This database can be synced between multiple devices, saved and backed up to the cloud, and even used to create strong passwords for you.

We’re happy to suggest the best solution for your needs and set it up, too. Here at Hopedale Technologies, we use LastPass to manage our passwords. To learn more about LastPass click HERE