Protect your systems with Hopedale Technologies Protect Core

The Hopedale Technologies Protect package is an investment in your systems and your company. The services are designed to prevent common issues such as viruses, ransomware, malware and ultimately performance degradation by ensuring your systems are running on the latest operating system patches and anti-virus signatures. While we strive to provide the best products to protect your systems, new threats arise daily, and we strive to mitigate these threats by supplying the prescribed services below.

Hopedale Technologies Protect Core Services include:
Remote Monitoring and OS Patch Management

  • Hopedale Technologies will install an agent on each computer that monitors your computer to ensure adherence and the timely installation of necessary patches.
  • Remotely connect to your computer to diagnose issues and address issues.

Managed Anti-Virus Protection

  • Ensure anti-virus application are actively running, with the latest patches and virus signatures, and are unable to be disabled.

Managed Administrative Privileges

  • Only standard user access (non-administrative) is allowed in order to prevent malware and rogue applications from being installed. When an application requires elevated access, we are notified, will evaluate any risk and will process the request accordingly.