Laptops are the next Covid-19 shortage

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As people’s reliance on computers grew with remote work and school, so did the prices of laptops and accessories. Now they are selling out quickly and major manufacturers are taking several months to deliver.

Some of the reasons for the price increases and shortages include:

  • More people working from home.
  • Families purchasing a device for each of their students with full time remote learning.
  • Bulk orders from school districts coast to coast for Chromebooks and lower priced laptops.
  • Shipping delays resulting from the reduction of air travel.
  • Sanctions against Chinese manufacturers due to violations.

We have been carefully watching the laptop and computer accessories market since the early spring. Prices have definitely crept up, with some products like webcams and printers out of stock for long periods of time. Due to our relationship with manufacturers and wholesalers, we have a few laptops in stock, but more on order. So call us ASAP to avoid longer delays than necessary. Don’t hesitate or you may be too late.