Make Your Tech Ready to Use for the Holidays

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The holiday season is here again.  TV advertisers have released their festive jingles and stores have dusted off their Christmas displays.  Stores have moved their latest and greatest devices to the front of the store and their websites.  It’s almost time to eat warming treats in front of a roaring fire.  

However, there may still be work to do before you can unbox the latest gadgets and watch this year’s Christmas movie.  A little maintenance, updates, and set-up go a long way to ensure the holiday season goes without a hitch. 

Sadly, not every device is ready to run straight out the box.  Not every device even comes ready to interact with others when it’s first opened.  Each new gadget comes with its own setup and new things to learn. 

Often today, devices, toys, and computers require extensive updates before they are ready to function.  This commonly means large downloads and lengthy installation periods.

In previous years devices have been purchased for Christmas, only to be rendered useless waiting for updates while large numbers of requests crash the company servers.  This can be highly frustrating and put a real dampener on the holiday spirit. 

Here is how we can help this season: 

Setup New Devices 

In the modern-day, simply purchasing a gadget doesn’t make it ready to use.  Often they still need setup, updates, and extra steps to make it safe to access the internet too. 

When you purchase a computer from Hopedale Technologies, we run the updates for you. If you didn’t buy from us, bring your device to us, and we can have it safe and ready to use the second you unbox it.  We’ll perform the initial setup, get it ready for the network, and install mandatory updates. By the time we’re done, your device will be the first one ready to use. For relevant devices, we can install additional features too.  Parental protection, managed antivirus, and security features ready to defend your machine against the latest threats. 

Whatever the device, we can configure it to the way you want to use it. 

Transfer Data and Retire Old Devices 

Getting a brand new device can be fun and exciting. Before getting carried away with the latest tech, you must consider what happens to our old data too.  Depending on the device, there are several dangers and pitfalls to think about.

Replacing an aging laptop or desktop computer with a brand new model, for example, has inherent danger in data storage.  These computers typically use hard drive disks to store all their data.  

When disposed of improperly, hard drives are vulnerable to being removed and taken.  These can often be read and copied by thieves looking to steal your data.  Old devices containing data need just as much care and attention as new ones fresh out the box. 

There are many cases where individuals have had important records stolen this way. In some cases, the information has been used to access accounts, and in others, for blackmail. 

Mobile devices typically have some form of data storage too.  This may store applications or media bought and paid for and data such as records and photographs that hold a great deal of value. 

We can help transfer old files and data to your new device and safely dispose of your old one too. We can ensure that every photograph, video, and bit of data is recovered from your desktop or laptop so that you never lose a single file.  We can securely wipe and even physically destroy old hard drives at your request.  We strive to ensure you keep every bit of your old data, and not a single byte falls into the wrong hands. 


It sometimes happens that new technology has moved so fast and changed so much that it doesn’t play well with older devices already installed on your network.  Sometimes it seems impossible to even connect certain devices at all. 

Often simple configuration changes are all that’s required to introduce two pieces of technology successfully.  With the right set of eyes and in knowledgeable hands, the most complex of jobs can be turned into a quick fix.