Why Are System Restore Points So Important?

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We understand that sometimes things happen. You interrupt a Microsoft update and now your computer won’t run. So if your computer crashes, are you out of luck? If you have a system restore point, your operating system may be recovered without a full reinstall of Windows that could wipe out your data.

What is a restore point?

A restore point is a saved “snapshot” of a computer operating system’s data at a specific time or date. It is a collection of essential registry keys, drivers and system files that provide basic functionality to Windows. The idea of a restore point was to hopefully restore just enough functionality for the user to access Windows’ tools or their own installed applications to solve a problem.

There are no user files (documents, pictures, etc.) in a restore point. Make sure you regularly back up your files!

Restore points are created in the Windows application System Restore, which is in the control panel. You can schedule your PC to make them automatically every week. You can also create them yourself manually. 

A restore point is created automatically before:

  • a program is installed, assuming the program’s installer tool is compliant with System Restore.
  • an update is installed via Windows Update.
  • an update to a driver.
  • executing a System Restore, which allows for undoing the restore.

Take time and verify that your System Restore is turned on and scheduled through the control panel.